Call for Papers

Topics: Understanding Law Reform on Post Covid-19 Pandemic


We are calling for papers Understanding Law Reform on Post Covid-19 Pandemic on:

Human Right Issues

Human rights fulfillment during and post Covid-19 pandemic

Philosophy of Law

Legal politics of emergency law to response Covid-19 pandemic

International Law

International law instrument to protect human being from Covid-19 pandemic

Health/Medicine Law

Health Law to Response Covid-19 Outbreaks

Administrative Law

Dilemma of Implementation Sanction to Citizen who Reject Covid-19 Vaccination

Environment Law

The impact of Covid-19 on sustainable environment development

Constitutional Law

Amendment of Constitution during Covid-19 Pandemic

Private Law

Data Protection on Covid -19 Patient: Between Medical Secret and Humanism

Business and Bankruptcy Law

Juridical instruments for handling the economic crisis related to the Covid 19 outbreak

Criminal Law

Corruption Case During Covid -19 Pandemic

Islamic Law

Covid-19 on Islamic Law Perspective

Another related field